Harpreet Wasan COSA-IPOS Joint Scientific Meeting 2012

Harpreet Wasan

Dr Harpreet Wasan leads the clinical service in gastrointestinal cancers and oncology clinical research programme at Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London. The two are integrated within the routine HPB service. He is on the UK National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) steering committee of both the advanced colorectal cancer and the upper gastrointestinal groups. Around 15 GI trials, of all phases are running at any one time under his leadership at Hammersmith Hospital. In 2011, a clinico-translational basic science laboratory was set up to complement the trials work to allow the rapid parallel developments in personalised cancer medicine. A project on the PI3K/AKT/DNA-PK pathway in GI cancers. He is also involved in developing the upcoming UK national CRC personalized medicine trial. Dr Wasan is chief investigator of the UK MRC COIN-B metastatic colorectal cancer trial, Co-CI for The FOXFIRE trial (a randomised colorectal liver-metastases specific loco-regional therapeutic concept involving 800 patients) and CUP-ONE, a global clinico-translational study of metastatic ‘Cancer of unknown primary’ looking at novel forms of metastatic diagnosis and treatment, from tumour molecular profiles irrespective of the primary cancer-origin or site. He was also co-chief investigator of the advanced Biliary cancer Phase III trial (ABC02) which has set the global standard (NEJM 2010). He has many other UK national consultative roles, journal involvement, is an invited faculty member of many international GI cancer conferences.

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