Luzia Travado COSA-IPOS Joint Scientific Meeting 2012

Luzia Travado

Luzia Travado is clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, specialized in Health Psychology and psycho-oncology. Chief of Clinical Psychology at Central Lisbon Hospital Centre-Hospital S. José, in Lisbon, Portugal where she pioneered psychosocial programs for chronic patients including cancer since 1985, and developed an innovative model of psychosocial care provided for breast cancer patients since their diagnosis. Teaches psycho-oncology and communication skills and has scientific papers published in Int’l peer-review journals and book-chapters. Adviser for the National Coordinator for Oncological Diseases in Portugal (2007-2011), collaborated in the cancer round-table held in Portugal in 2007 during the Portuguese EU Presidency and the National Cancer Control Plan. Collaborates in EPAAC-European Partnership on Action Against Cancer, having represented Portugal in 2009-2011. Has participated in various EU meetings and conferences concerning cancer control and care in Europe, having contributed to its recommendations. Serves in the Executive Board of IPOS, as president of Viva Mulher Viva Association, and as specialty-editor of The Breast.

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