Judith Lees COSA-IPOS Joint Scientific Meeting 2012

Judith Lees

Jude Lees B.Pharm., FISOPP. Jude is the Senior Pharmacist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Cancer Centre in Adelaide, South Australia. She has a particular interest in symptom control especially chemotherapy-induced emesis, mucositis and toxicities of targeted agents. Other interests include geriatric oncology, oral cancer therapy and chemotherapy safety. Jude chaired the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia Cancer Pharmacists Group from 1998 to 2002, and is currently Deputy Chair. She has served in several positions on the Secretariat of the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners, and was one of the first ISOPP members recognised as a Fellow of ISOPP in 2004, for sustained contributions to ISOPP and oncology pharmacy practice. Jude is a long term member of the Multi-National Association of Supportive Care in Cancer, and was elected to the MASCC Board in 2008, as the first pharmacist Board member. She is a member of the MASCC Mucositis and Skin Toxicities Study Groups, and was recently appointed Associate Editor for the Journal of Supportive Care in Cancer.

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