Janelle V Levesque COSA-IPOS Joint Scientific Meeting 2012

Janelle V Levesque

Janelle Levesque is a Research Associate working with the Translational Cancer Research Unit, Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research/University of New South Wales. She completed her PhD in early 2012, examining the psychological outcomes of the adult children of cancer patients, with a particular focus on whether posttraumatic growth is possible from the experience of having a parent with cancer. Janelle’s thesis combines both qualitative and quantitative methods, examining the types of benefits reported by adult children, the predictors of benefit-finding and how benefit-finding is related to depression, anxiety and well-being. As part of this work, she also developed the Parental Cancer Questionnaire, a measure to examine both the positive and negative aspects of the parental cancer experience. Janelle’s research interests include the impact of cancer on family systems, dyadic coping in a cancer context, psychosocial interventions in cancer care, and the experience of rural women with multiple myeloma.

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