Poster Presentation COSA-IPOS Joint Scientific Meeting 2012

Melanoma shared care, a tripartite approach for survival. The patient, their GP and their specialist - A survivorship project. (#724)

Colleen Berryman 1 , Martin Haskett 2 , Sarah Hannam 2 , Geraldine Largey 1
  1. Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service, East Bentleigh, VIC, Australia
  2. Victorian Melanoma Service, The Alfred, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

This project is a collaboration between Victorian Melanoma Service (Alfred Health), Melanoma Patients Australia, SMICS, GRICS and funded by the Victorian Department of Health.
To develop a model for long-term care of survivors of malignant melanoma including patient self-management, GPs/specialist shared care, supportive care screening, patient and family centred care planning and an electronic call back mechanism.
a) Map current service models and consumer perception of these models.
b) Undertake a literature search to determine best practice models of care.
c) Development of a risk stratified follow-up protocols and care pathways including:
• patient self-examination
• GP examination
• specialist examination
• dermoscopy and digital total body photography and digital serial monitoring

d) GP and primary care engagement into model delivery with education modules and seminars and fast track access to specialist care ensured.
e) Development of continuous supportive care through a patient held record including a supportive care screening tool and pathways for addressing revealed supportive care needs.
f) Development of an electronic means for the implementation of a patient reminder system to prompt follow-up care, whether to perform a self-assessment, attend GP assessment or specialist appointment.
g) Recruitment of patients to participate in the shared care model of care.
h) Evaluation including patient, GP’s/primary care and specialist care providers surveys, interviews and assessment of identified health outcome measures. Operational outcomes such as follow-up compliance will also be measured.
Chaired by a Melanoma Patients Australia consumer representative, a multidisciplinary Survivorship Steering Group has been established to provide leadership and direction. The literature review and identification of models of care have been completed and are currently being considered by the Group. The risk stratification tool, patient information and consent, patient self assessed support screening and patient held treatment record and data collection tools have been drafted and will be reviewed continuously as users trial them in practice.
There is strong consumer, specialist and GP commitment to collaborate to improve the long term care and management of melanoma survivors using innovative approaches.